Mantell’s time in Brighton:Why did it go so wrong?

The talk being held in Lewes Town Hall, Fisher Street entrance on Wednesday 26th May at 7.30 will be on Gideon Mantell’s time in Brighton. Mantell, the discoverer of dinosaurs in Sussex had a museum of natural antiquities on the Steine in the 1830s. He arrived as a celebrated scientist and lecturer but left a few short years later with his family circumstances, his finances and reputation reduced. He was forced to sell off his collection to the British Museum. So what went wrong?

John Cooper of the Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton & Hove, will attempt to explain some of these circumstances using Mantell’s own writings and especially contemporary accounts from the Brighton press.

He said:

“The discovery of fossil evidence for the previous existence of huge, extinct creatures in Sussex was extremely unsettling for many people. Mantell braved people’s attitudes and religious beliefs, and pursued the need for scientific progress. Brighton then didn’t always value his efforts, and even now we don’t always value his important role in the national and international setting.”

Come along and find out more. There is a lift to the first floor.


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