Where to view dinosaur bones in Sussex?

Although there may still be some undiscovered skeletons under the ground the best place to view Iguanodon and other fossilised bones are in the following museums in Sussex:

Founded in 1874, by 19th century naturalist and collector Edward Thomas Booth, the Booth Museum of Natural History is the second largest regional natural history museum in Britain. As well as housing Booth’s original collection of British birds, today it contains three quarters of a million natural history specimens in a collection designated of national importance. Among the 55,000 geological specimens, Henry Willett’s 1860 bequest of chalk fossils remains one of the collection’s cornerstones. The museum’s display includes fossils, minerals, 350 million-year-old corals, shells from a 55 million-year-old ‘Mediterranean’ lagoon near Newhaven, and the 140 million-year-old bones of dinosaurs that once wandered the Sussex Weald. http://www.booth.virtualmuseum.info/visitor_information.asp

Horsham was at the cutting edge of Victorian science as two local men, George Bax Holmes and Thomas Honywood transformed the idea of the past. Bax Holmes discovered and collected dinosaur fossils, including the remains of the Great Horsham Iguanodon at St. Mark’s, and Honywood discovered of the material remains of Mesolithic man (from the period after the last ice age, some 8 to 10,000 years ago). Visit the room on the first floor of the Horsham Museum on the Causeway. http://www.horshammuseum.org/index.asp

Cuckfield Museum‘s displays on Gideon and Mary Mantell are on the first floor at the top of the stairs. They include a cast and a replica of dinosaur footprints found on Bexhill beach and some other Iguanodon bones. The memorial to Gideon Mantell is close by at Whiteman’s Green on the site of the quarry where the early first bones were found. http://www.cuckfield.org/page.php?pg=12

To see more about the Iguanodon displays in the Natural History Museum in London follow the attached PowerPoint presentation on Mantell. gideon-mary-mantell-and-the-discovery-of-the-iguanadon

There are also places in Sussex where dinosaur footprints can be seen on the beach at low tide.http://www.discoveringfossils.co.uk/fairlight_fossils.htm

Happy hunting!


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