The 2018 Lewes Fossil Festival braved the rain!

This year’s Lewes Fossil Festival was on Sunday 23 September at the Linklater Pavilion. There was a range of family activities to suit all ages and abilities; including a hunt for shark teeth, model painting, a Treasure Hunt, dino biscuit icing, a selection of short films and the chance to view and handle real dinosaur bones and fossils courtesy of the Booth Museum of Natural History in Brighton.

There was also a chance to build their own Jurassic Park dinosaurs with bits of plastic and other things we usually throw away. This produced some magnificent models.

The Future Fossils project was an interesting take on what people in the future would make of our civilisation if all that was left in the geology was bits of plastic, or their imprint.

A Geology Walk around Lewes went on during the morning of the Fossil Festival 23 September. Meeting at Mountfield Road roundabout near Lewes station Roger Cordiner took a group around Lewes illustrating the range of different building stone materials around the town, information sheets were provided.

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