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This website has been developed by a Mantell enthusiast with the aim of sharing what I find out as I find it, and storing it in one place for other enthusiasts to view.

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There are some links below to other useful information about Gideon Mantell, his life and work. See separate page on this site for where to buy original publications.

Some of his writings available to download or read online

Mantell’s unpublished journal ed J. Cooper (2010) consist of those parts of his journals that don’t feature when E. Cecil Curwen published his abridged version of Gideon Mantell’s Journal (Oxford University Press 1940)

Thoughts on a pebble: or a first lesson in geology. 1849. Written for his youngest son Reginald. Published as a Google faximile

A Descriptive Catalogue.. of the Museum in Brighton. 6th ed 1836. Published as a Google faximile

The Medals of Creation or First Lessons in Geology 1854  Biodiversity Heritage Library ebook read online

The Fossils of the South Downs 1822 Biodiversity Heritage Library ebook read online

See here for some useful links and comments from the contemporary newspapers of Mantell’s time in Brighton kindly compiled and shared by John Cooper of Brighton’s Booth Museum

Mantell produced an anonymous record of his life as a country doctor Memoirs of the life of a country surgeon Published 1845

Links to his life and times

Gideon Mantell:Facts, Discussion Forum and Encyclopaedia entry pub. by Absolute Astronomy

Tales from Te Pape Mantell’s discoveries as held in the Museum in New Zealand.

Trial of Hannah Russell article on Mantell’s vital input in this trial using his medical and forensic knowledge

A series of booklets were produced by Anthony Brook of the West Sussex Geological Society in 2002. Book one here Momento Mori in facsimile covers articles and contemporary accounts of Mantell’s life and works published shortly after his death in 1852.



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