The Lewes Dinosaur project

For many years it has been felt that there ought to be a permanent memorial to Mantell in his birthplace. This idea has developed during 2017 and the proposal now is to build and locate a life sized anotomically correct model Mantellisaurus somewhere in the town of Lewes. As described in the Sussex Express 1/9/17 by reporter Rupert Taylor here.


The first step for the project team is to identify the right site for the model which will be approx 7 meters long by 3 meters high. It will need enough space for people to view it and the interpretation panel which will explain more about Mantell’s contribution to the development of paeliontology. As well as the actual monument there are plans for schools and community activities embracing the arts, history and earth sciences. All ideas and offers of help welcome. Please complete the box below if you’d like to be involved.

Many thanks to Cllr Janet Baat Deputy Mayor of Lewes for helping the team launch the project on 15 September 2017.

Click on the link here for more information on the species Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis

There will more updates as the project progresses

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